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Our featured 2009 NFL mock draft is by Alex Wiederspiel. With the first pick Alex has Detroit taking Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia. He says "While I could still definitely see Jason Smith and the safe pick Aaron Curry going ahead of Stafford based on the dollars and cents, Stafford is still ahead in the game as far as position value and franchise need." Check out the rest of his mock draft.
Our second featured mock draft is by Shivy Pop. St. Louis has the second pick and Shivy thinks they will use it to select Jason Smith, OT, Baylor . Pop reports the following on the Rams pick: "Orlando Pace seemed like he was never on the field the past couple years. I can see Steven Jackson's frustration from all the way over here. The rams pick Jason Smith with the 2nd overall pick and move towards solving their horrendous offensive line problems. Jason Smith has the huge up side, talent, and work ethic needed to be an elite book-end in the NFL."
Check out the rest of his mock draft.
Michael Johnson from Georgia Tech is the clear favorite at the DE position. Other top prospects include Greg Middleton of Indiana , Tyson Jackson of LSU and Maurice Evans of Penn State . Check out a full list here...
Jaison Williams of Oregon is the top prospect at the Wide Receiver position. Other prospects include Jarett Dillard of Rice and Michael Crabtree of Texas Tech .. Check out a full list here...
Scott Rogers adds our third featured 2009 NFL mock draft. With the third pick Scott thinks Kansas City will take Jason Smith, OT, Baylor . Scott says "They are slowly losing all of their star offensive players, like Larry Johnson. So a reliable offensive lineman with a good attitude and a great initial boost could help out in numerous ways."
Check out the rest of his mock draft.
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2009 NFL Draft Order
Correct order on 10.31.09
1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2. St. Louis Rams
3. Tennessee Titans
4. Kansas City Chiefs
5. Cleveland Browns
6. Detroit Lions
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